Inspired by the childhood remedies my lăo-lao would make for strength and nourishment, I became interested in herbs as a holistic tool for modern challenges. During an especially intense period of physical and emotional imbalance, I sought to self-soothe and recreate a remedy like that of my childhood.


Physically rejuvenating, this remedial tonic also helped me access a deeper dimension to my personal practices—creatively, mentally, spiritually. It became a vehicle to reconnect with myself and cultivate healing. I discovered that regular access to a clear mind state opens the pathway to grounded insight and inner authenticity. In sharing this product, I hope to foster similar experiences of self-discovery and lasting practices for well-being.


Irisa Xiong

This project is an invitation to return to your core self—the self uninhibited by old wounds, limiting beliefs, or toxic narratives. It operates under the belief that we each carry the capacity to bridge our unconscious demands, and consequently, expand.

Our method focuses on process, incorporating mindfulness and guided self-inquiry to open our minds to what us feel at ease, aligned, and inspired.

Through small practices and the lens of curiosity, we gather our thoughts and recalibrate to what is truly meaningful. Innermade represents the mindset of growth. It's my hope to share with others the power of an Innermade mindset and collectively improve ways to cultivate it.

— Irisa 那 Xiong