Beautropics 101

What are beautropics?

Beautropics aka "beauty nootropics" are unique supplements that combine botanicals, superfoods, and herbs to boost cognitive brain function while nourishing healthy skin. Nootropics, if you’re unfamiliar with the term, is a fancy word for smart drugs or cognitive enhancers. These enhancers benefit a variety of mental functions such as: enhanced memory and learning abilities, improved information processing, and enhanced concentration and focus*. Unlike nootropics however, beautropics are compromised of only natural, plant-derived botanicals found in nature to provide a myriad of cognitive benefits as well as health and beauty benefits through nutrition. These botanicals are natural superfoods and medicinal herbs that have been traditionally lauded by Eastern medicine for thousands of years. 

Who are Beautropics for?

If you’re interested in activating more of your brain’s potential (especially while you work), while nourishing your body and skin with superfood nutrition, Beautropics are for you. 

here are naturally-occurring substances that can improve brain function to help us increase intelligence, motivation, learning, mental energy, and memory.


Our aim here at Innermade is to demystify the nootropics scene and make it healthy, fun, and sustainable. 


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