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Since we are a small business, we run on very finite resources and cannot accommodate order returns. In the case of broken jars on arrival, we will send you a refund. Contact us at


We have a proprietary formula that incorporates herbs, fats, and superfoods for optimal results. Also, every tonic is batch-crafted and sourced carefully for quality by the founder, a small business advantage that cannot compare to mass-produced methods.

We recommend once per day, up to three times per day. Best to avoid drinking during later hours as some ingredients are stimulants.

Yes, our formula focuses on gentler herb varieties that have cultural cross-uses in both the medicinal and culinary. These herbs are documented to be safe to take everyday but listen to your body for feedback—it's the best teacher. And of course, always consult with your doctor if you have any medical questions or concerns.

We do not recommend this product for pregnant women. Consult with your doctor for any contraindications.

Some benefits are immediate—energy, concentration, lucidity. Other benefits result over a longer period of time with consistent use—anti-inflammation, decreased stress, improved cognitive capacity, a healthier complexion.

Milk (of any variety) adds fats to the tonic, which is ideal for the many fat-soluble active compounds to be nutritionally digested. Also, herbs can have a slightly bitter and pungent taste, which is cut wonderfully by the creaminess of milk.